1. Name 3 British trees that produce edible nuts.

2. Which tree is also known as the May tree?

3. Name 2 "conifers" that do not bear cones.

4. Which tree appears on the flag of the country in its name?

5. Name 3 deciduous conifers.

6. Which tree produces a fruit that has to be bletted?

7. What is English name of Ginko biloba?

8. What is another name for the duramen of a tree?

9. What sort of tree produces pecan nuts?

10. Which two trees are involved in the production of sloe gin?

11. Name 2 British trees which have trifoliate leaves.

12. What sort of tree produces fruits called keys?

13. What type of tree produces fruit varieties Yellow Pershore, Burbank?

14. What type of tree produces fruit varieties Pink Lady, Jonagold?

15. What type of tree has the following species


A. white, crack, goat  

B. field, Norway, paper-bark

C. common, manna, weeping

D. grey, common, Italian

E. white, black, Lombardy

Tree Quiz

Compiled by John Bland

There are no prizes, but, hopefully you will obtain some satisfaction from getting at least some of the questions right!



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